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I Ain't Scared of You

Bernie Mac on How Life Is

Bernie Mac -- the star of Fox's The Bernie Mac Show, winner of the prestigious Peabody Award -- is more popular than ever. The Chicago-bred performer and royal king of the Original Kings of Comedy has won over countless fans of cutting comedy and family humor with an edgy show that tells it like it is but never loses heart. No surprise, Mac has earned a reputation as perhaps the truest voice of modern humor. Here, in his debut book, Mac brilliantly captures the R-rated side of his comedic genius in print.
Touring through a wide range of topics with equal parts insight and irreverence, Bernie Mac presents a way of looking at the world guaranteed to make you laugh. Tackling superstar athletes, the movie business, his fellow comedians, his marriage, and, of course, his friends and family, Mac offers side-splitting riffs on sex, religion, hygiene, money, and more. Nobody is safe; nothing is sacred. Not even Bernie himself. Throughout I Ain't Scared of You, Mac turns his humor inward, firing off hilarious self-deprecating salvos about his golf game and his own hypocrisies.
Bernie Mac's hit show and his vital live performances have earned him critical acclaim and international popularity. Now, I Ain't Scared of You reveals his humor whole -- unpretentious, unafraid, and unbelievably funny and raw.
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  • MTV Books | 
  • 176 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743428224 | 
  • May 2003
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Chapter One: Hard Times and Humble Beginnings

I grew up in the streets of 69th and Morgan, the south side of Chicago. Rough as hell. We did all that bullshit -- fighting, cuttin' each other with glass, shootin'. But back when we were coming up, we could joke with each other hard. We killed each other with jokes, all day long. And we didn't run and get no pistols or nothin'. Learning how to take a joke, learning how to tell one on somebody -- that shit made you stronger. People talkin' about you: "Ya hair nappy"; "You got on floods up to here."

Lint in ya hair? Shit, you had the teddis.

And it's always a guy that smells... see more

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