I Bring You Glad Tidings

I Bring You Glad Tidings

The magic of angels can touch us every day....

They are messengers of hope and peace, guardians who guide our steps on life's twisting paths....The magnificence of angels is never more resplendent than in the Christmas season. To the men and women who have seen and felt their presence at Christmastime, angels are real beings of awesome power and mystery. In this wonderful and inspiring collection, real-life angel encounters are captured in all of their inexplicable, overpowering beauty. Discover how everyday people have been blessed by angels, and how their experiences have transformed them -- heart, mind, and soul.

Bestselling author Rosemary Ellen Guiley has woven a stunning tapestry of Christmas angel stories -- each one a unique testament to the triumph of the human spirit, and a dazzling reflection of how angels work in our lives each day, and in unseen ways.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451606041 | 
  • June 2010
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The Sleeping Angel

Every day, our paths cross with the paths of strangers. Some meetings are fleeting. Some are of momentous significance, great turning points of mind and heart. A seemingly chance encounter is not an accident or coincidence at all, but a purposeful weaving of God's tapestry of souls. Angels play a role in this weaving of destinies. They give us a nudge here, a prompt there. One Christmas in upstate New York, angels brought strangers together, and lives were changed.

Yvonne Warner never expected, nor intended, to become the "Angel Lady." Yet she was gifted with otherworldly sight from birth, and from infancy was... see more

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