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I Have Something to Tell You

I Have Something to Tell You

A Memoir

For ten years, Regan Hofmann lived a double life. To the world, she was a woman from Princeton who went to prep school, summered in the Hamptons and rode Thoroughbred horses. She had a great job, a loving family and friends and looks that made men turn their heads. From the outside, she seemed to have it all. On the inside, though, coursing through her veins and weighing heavily on her mind, was the truth: that she was HIV-positive.

At first, Hofmann faced her mortality alone, shamed by a disease society considered the exclusive property of gay men, injection drug users and sex workers. Burdened by her secret, she withdrew from the world she once knew. Over time, though, Hofmann began to accept her mortality -- and HIV -- and reconsidered the way she wanted to live her life. After nearly a decade of silence, Hofmann did what she never imagined having the courage to do: she came out to the world about what she was going through.

Regan Hofmann not only has the courage to fight HIV and the debilitating stigma that surrounds it, but she writes about her experience with unflinching honesty and a deep affection for the family and friends who support her. I Have Something to Tell You is a memoir of disease and survival, and an inspiring account of a life driven by a sense of purpose and a search for love in the face of the unthinkable. More than anything, it is a story that reminds us that while life can change in an instant, we each hold the power to decide how we use the time we have. With humor, vitality and an unquenchable passion, Regan shows us a life fully lived.
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  • September 2009
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Author Regan Hoffman's personal story of surviving AIDS

The candid inspiring life of a straight, young woman with HIV who has everything to lose and ends up gaining more than she ever imagined.

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I spent the last carefree moments of my life swimming with dolphins. My mom had sponsored dolphins on behalf of both my younger sister Tracy and me, and given them to us as Christmas presents. We unwrapped flat boxes containing pictures of the smiling, slate-colored marine mammals and stared, bewildered, until my mom pointed out that there was something beneath the photos—a plane ticket. The other part of her gift was to take the three of us to Florida to see the bottle-nosed creatures in person. Our dolphins lived at a sanctuary that allowed people to visit; their survival depended, in part, on the generosity of... see more

About the Author

Regan Hofmann
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Regan Hofmann

Regan Hofmann is the editor-in-chief of POZ Magazine, the leading HIV/AIDS magazine in the United States. Before coming to POZ, she graduated from TrinityCollege with a BA in Creative Writing and held positions at CBS News, Young and Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi and Cliff Freeman and Partners. Hofmann is a native of Princeton, New Jersey, and currently resides on a farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey where she enjoys riding her horses.


Author Revealed

Regan Hofmann
Q. how did you come to write I Have Something to Tell You?

A. I wanted to address the shame and stigma that unfairly envelope HIV/AIDS, help people understand that HIV is a disease like any other and in doing so, hopefully, change people's perceptions about HIV/AIDS to stop the spread of what is an easily preventable, sometimes survivable and still terrible disease. I wrote the book because I am no longer ashamed to say I have HIV and my hope is that the more people who come forward the faster people will see that HIV is not a crime, nor an indication of socially unacceptable behavior, but rather, that it is nothing more than a retrovirus that can infect anyone regardless of their gender, age, color, sexual orientation, geography, socio-economic status or behavior.

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