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In the Name of Honor

In the Name of Honor

(Part of Star Trek )
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Delicate peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire become complicated when Captain Kirk discovers that Starfleet prisoners of war are being held captive on a remote jungle planet. Now, with the unexpected assistance of an old adversary, Kirk embarks on a daring rescue mission, knowing that if he fails, the Federation will deny all knowledge of his intentions.
But powerful forces within the Klingon government are determined to keep the shameful secret of the hostages' existence, even if it means obliterating every last trace of the prisoners -- and anyone who comes to save them!
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  • Pocket Books/Star Trek | 
  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743448130 | 
  • January 2002
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Chapter One

Even as the order to raise shields left her mouth, Captain Gralev knew she'd given it too late. On the main bridge viewscreen of the USS Gagarin, the Klingon K'tinga-class battle cruiser had barely finished emerging from under cloak as her first pair of torpedoes spat forth.

The ship shuddered as the torpedoes tore into the Gagarin's hull. Gralev gripped the arms of her command chair as the bulkheads and floor plates protested the attack and artificial gravity wobbled momentarily.

"Break orbit, evasive starboard. Where are my shields?"

Commander Stephen Garrovick, the ship's first officer,... see more

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