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Book Two of the Aquasilver Trilogy

On the vast waterworld of Aquasilva, the priestly Domain controls magic, weather, and history itself. Determined to crush every last spark of resistance against their despotic rule, they have launched a brutal Inquisition in order to root out dissent and heresy wherever they find them. With their army of fanatical holy warriors, the Sacri, the hooded Inquisitors advance across the globe, setting both books and human beings to the torch. Young Cathan, heir to the throne of Lepidor, has already escaped the Inquisition once. Now, as he and his companions embark on a hazardous voyage in search of potential allies, he finds himself keeping barely one step ahead of his vengeful foes. But the Domain is not the only power seeking Cathan. In decadent Thetia, a hidden conspiracy of dissidents plots to use him to further their own seditious purposes, while in his capital city of Selerian Alastre, the Emperor spins his webs of intrigue in the Imperial Palace....A sweeping epic that bears comparisons to both Tolkien and Frank Herbert, Inquisition confirms the promise shown by Anselm Audley's outstanding debut, Heresy, and establishes him as an exciting new voice in fantasy and science fiction.
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  • Pocket Books/Star Trek | 
  • 416 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416577195 | 
  • September 2007
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As Things Stand...

The Domain has been defeated in Lepidor, with the two survivors, Midian and Sarhaddon, sent back to Equatoria in disgrace. Cathan stands in for his convalescing father as Count of Lepidor, enjoying with his friends an Indian summer at the end of the year.

Hamilcar returns to Taneth, later to be joined by Elassel. He has his feud against Foryth to pursue and a new opportunity of alliance with House Canadrath, who were brought into the picture by Cathan's call for help after Elnibal's poisoning.

The Archipelago is still suffering under the Domain's yoke, and it is there that Cathan, with the impatient... see more

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