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Is My Child Overtired?

Is My Child Overtired?

The Sleep Solution for Raising Happier, Healthier Children

Wake up! Your kids are tired.
More and more often, bedtime is a battle that parents just don't have the energy to fight. With the demands of juggling work, running a household, and raising kids, it is easy for parents to be lax about their children's sleep habits. They may not realize that fatigue is the number-one cause of health and behavioral problems, and it is frequently overlooked. If you find that your kids are often cranky, hyperactive, or prone to headaches and growing pains, these are red flags that they may be overtired.
Describing the unique sleep requirements for every stage of a child's development from infancy through adolescence, Is My Child Overtired? is a proactive child-rearing plan that encourages parents to establish and stick to a sleep routine for the whole family. Pediatrician Will Wilkoff, M.D., explains how to recognize the signs of fatigue and gives you specific guidelines to determine how much sleep a child really needs (you'll be surprised -- they need a lot more than you think). Combining practical wisdom with a voice you can trust, Is My Child Overtired? discusses:

  • Getting off on the right foot with your new baby
  • Helping your child to sleep through the night
  • Crafting a relaxing and reliable bedtime ritual
  • Adding daytime siestas when nighttime sleep isn't enough
  • Finding ways to maintain bedtimes on weekdays, on weekends, and even during school vacations and family trips

Simply put, when your kids sleep more, they'll feel better. And so will you.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743213561 | 
  • March 2001
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Chapter One: How Can I Tell If My Child Is Well Rested?

Step One: Suspect the Diagnosis

If your child is old enough to articulate her feelings, she may simply tell you that she is tired. However, most parents aren't this fortunate. Many five-year-olds with a thousand-word vocabulary will deny with their last waking breath that they need to go to bed, and then collapse into a deep sleep on the couch.

You may be able to tell when your child is tired by her behavior, but unfortunately many parents don't realize that their children are seriously fatigued. They may search for another explanation for a child's behavior when... see more

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