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The Israelis

The Israelis

Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land

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Israel is smaller than New Jersey, with 0.11% of the world's population, yet captures a lion's share of headlines. It looks like one country on CNN, a very different one on al-Jazeera. The BBC has their version, The New York Times theirs. But how does Israel look to Israelis? The answers are varied, and they have been brought together here in one of the most original books about Israel in decades. From battlefields to bedrooms to boardrooms, discover the colliding worlds in which an astounding mix of 7.2 million devoutly traditional and radically modern people live. You'll meet "Arab Jews" who fled Islamic countries, dreadlock-wearing Ethiopian immigrants who sing reggae in Hebrew, Christians in Nazareth who publish an Arabic-style Cosmo, young Israeli Muslims who know more about Judaism than most Jews of the Diaspora, ultra-Orthodox Jews on "Modesty Patrols," and more. Interweaving hundreds of personal stories with intriguing new research, The Israelis is lively, irreverent, and always fascinating.
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  • 480 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743270359 | 
  • April 2008
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Author Revealed

Q. how did you come to write The Israelis?

A. I was inspired to write THE ISRAELIS when a producer friend at CNN asked me: "Our viewers are confused. We have footage of Jews who look like Arabs, Arabs who look like Jews. we have black Jews. Bearded 16th century Jews, and sexy girls in tight jeans. Who are these people, anyway?"

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