Joshua and the Shepherd

Joshua and the Shepherd

With simple and profound prose, Joseph Girzone bringing to light incredible insights into modern Christianity and adds to his bestselling series with the story of the revolutionary Joshua in a contemporary setting.

It is the end of a bitter cold winter. A crowd of people files into a cathedral to celebrate the consecration of a new bishop—a good man, they think, strict in doctrine but capable of compassion. A man of tradition, not of reform. A “company man.” His name is David Campbell.

And sitting in the last pew of the cathedral is a clean-shaven man of ordinary build, with gentle hazel eyes. His name is Joshua.

Within twenty-four hours of his first encounter with Joshua, David Campbell will propose the most far-reaching reforms in a millennium, reforms to destroy sectarian barriers, reforms to change the direction of the church, reforms to return Christianity to its founders with a simple message. With Joshua as his mentor, David Campbell—the Shepherd—preaches to Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, and Jews of the universal truth of God’s love. It is a message that changes everyone it touches. And no one who reads Joshua and the Shepherd will ever forget it.
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  • May 1996
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Chapter 1

The record-breaking winter had frozen everyone's spirits. A happy event was needed to melt the gloom and free everyone from the depression that hung over the community. The consecration as bishop of a priest who was loved by almost everyone was that event. The previous weeks, and months, had been cold and dismal, but this day seemed to make up for it all. The weather was perfect. The sun bright and warm, the crisp air fresh from the morning dew, the cool, blue sky with hardly a cloud, all hinted of an early summer. Happy voices filled the air. The sidewalks surrounding the massive Gothic cathedral were teeming with people of... see more

About the Author

Joseph Girzone
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Joseph Girzone

Joseph F. Girzone retired from the active priesthood for health reasons and took up his lifelong dream of writing. He is the author of Joshua; Joshua and the Children; Joshua and the City; Who Will Teach Me; Gloria: A Diary; and Kara, the Lonely Falcon. He lives in Altamont, New York.




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