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The King of Sleep

The King of Sleep

(Book #2 of Watchers)
Two kings and two peoples once lived on the island of Innisfail, in harmony with the land and the earth -- though not so peaceably with one another. The arrival of the Gaedhals, from the land of Iber across the sea, shifted this balance and threw the Fir-Bolg and the Tuatha De Danaan into confusion and disarray.

In the face of seemingly unstoppable invasion -- and in the aftermath of a great and dangerous gift -- the ultimate fate of their two peoples still remains to be decided. The Druid Sorcha, with the newly appointed queen of the Ravens, must work against those who disrespect and defile their holy land.

But Saran, younger son of Brocan, King of the Fir-Bolg, has a quest of his own. He has seen his father's forces struggle and fail, and his brother's birthright diminish as the Gaedhals increase. Saran will do whatever is necessary to see his brother Lom declared king of their people -- no matter what, or who, remains for Lom to inherit.
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  • June 2010
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No cloud showed a face in the darkening sky. The old fisherman looked up as he gathered the nets from his leather curragh at the seashore. The western horizon glowed red-gold and he knew from experience there would be no rain tomorrow.

He ventured a silent prayer to the Goddess Danu that she would see fit to gift him with a storm. Not a full-fledged tempest, just a squall with water on its fingertips to wash the land clean and entice the fish closer to shore.

He turned his attention to the handful of sea creatures he'd dragged from their watery home. His nimble fingers sorted the catch and he counted under his...
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