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The Language of Dogs

The Language of Dogs

The canine expert and star of the hit TV show Dogs in the City shares his cutting-edge methods for training and caring for happy, healthy dogs in the city.

Do you have a doggy dilemma? Struggling with canine claustrophobia? Are you trying to give Fido the best care and attention, but your busy life is getting in the way?

Meet Justin Silver.

As a dog trainer by day and stand-up comedian by night, Justin combined his two vocations and created the charity "Funny For Fido," providing assistance to homeless animals and the groups that support them. In 2006, after fostering and rehabilitating abused animals for more than a decade, he opened a full-service pet care company in New York, which was featured on the hit CBS show Dogs in the City. With a creative and instinctive ability to connect with dogs and solve problems between pets and their owners, Justin became New York City’s top dog guru. Now, in The Language of Dogs, Justin shares insider tips—not to mention his best hound humor—for socializing dogs of all ages and preparing new puppies for well-adjusted city lives. Packed with expert training techniques, recipes, and grooming advice, this book is a complete guide for people with dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments.

Justin’s work with pet owners is more than a business; he has a true gift for distilling complex issues into simple solutions. A must-read for all dog lovers, The Language of Dogs will help you become the best dog owner you can possibly be.
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  • September 2014
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Language Of Dogs CHAPTER 1 LEARNING TO SPEAK DOG “Even the tiniest poodle or Chihuahua is still a wolf at heart.”

Although I had a dog growing up, they did not truly become my life until I met a troubled five-month-old pit bull/border collie mix from the Bronx named Princess. She had been tossed over a fence into the small concrete yard of a house-cum-shelter that belonged to my friend Robyn. I had met Robyn some weeks earlier, when I wandered to Union Square and... see more

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