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The Last 10 Seconds

The Last 10 Seconds

A Thriller

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#1 bestselling author Simon Kernick weaves a masterful plot in this race-against-time thriller that puts Detective Inspector Tina Boyd in the middle of a criminal conspiracy and up against the brutal murderer known as the Night Creeper.

36 hours ago: A vicious serial killer is arrested on the streets of north London after a two-year reign of terror. Known only as the Night Creeper, he’s earned his reputation by torturing five young women to death.

24 hours ago: Undercover cop Sean Egan has infiltrated one of the country’s most notorious criminal gangs. Now he’s about to risk his life in a desperate bid to bring its members to justice.

12 hours ago: DI Tina Boyd has discovered that the Night Creeper’s murders are part of a much larger criminal conspiracy. But her quest for the truth has brought her into contact with some very dangerous people who want to silence her—permanently.

The last 10 seconds: A man, a woman, a sadistic killer. As they race toward a terrifying confrontation only one thing is certain: when time runs out, not everyone will still be alive.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476706207 | 
  • December 2014
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The Last 10 Seconds

He was short, maybe five seven, with a build that was either slim or scrawny depending on how charitable you were feeling, and he was dressed in cheap grey slacks, a neatly ironed white shirt, and a dark tie with an unfashionably small knot. His hair, dead straight and surprisingly thick, was the only thing unconventional about him, falling down like a medieval helmet to his shoulders. Otherwise he looked a perfectly ordinary, if slightly nerdish, young man. But then, in newly promoted DI Tina Boyd’s experience as a police officer, even... see more

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