The Last Curve

The Last Curve

In her seven years as a hard-driven assistant state's attourney in Annapolis, Maryland, Jan Garret has been told more than once that she needs to distance herself from her cases. Yet each time she puts a lowlife behind bars, she considers it one more blow struck at the vicious rapist who murdered her adored older sister Frannie.
So when a case bearing striking similiarities to Frannie's lands on her desk, Jan is understandably intrigued. She's also unexpectedly and urgently attracted to the new detective in town. Like Jan, Detective Max Hale is driven by a need to avenge a loved one's death. The only person willing to even listen to Jan's suspicions, he finds he finds himself entering her private that takes a terrifying turn when Jan realizes the man who confessed to her sister's rape couldn't have been guilty. Even as Max awakens Jan's long-denied desires, she knows that nothing could possibly matter more to her than finding out the matter what the cost to her career -- or her life.
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  • 400 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476716008 | 
  • September 2012
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Chapter 1

Ten Years Later

Thursday, July 23

Jan's case was exploding in front of her eyes.

She took a step back and gave herself a moment to think as she muttered, "The court's indulgence," a standard phrase used when a lawyer needs to catch his or her breath in the middle of questioning. She scanned through her papers, stalling for time as she thought about her next question. Her witness, in fact, was also the victim -- the woman whose rights Jan was trying to protect. Unfortunately, it was this frail woman, not more than a girl actually, who was responsible for the problem.

Jan's client was... see more

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