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Last Rights

Last Rights

Philip Shelby's electrifying bestseller Days of Drums was praised as "taut and exciting" (Los Angeles Times). Now this master of Washington thriller pits a maverick military officer against the ultimate nemesis: an unrelenting assassin who is the mastermind behind a far-reaching government conspiracy.
In a tense stakeout at an Army warehouse, Warrant Officer Rachel Collins breaks all the rules by going on her own -- and in a flash from her Sig-Sauer, takes down a barricaded arms dealer. But the man's dying words -- "Found out about North, didn't ya?" -- are a shocking tip-off to the truth about General Griffin North, an African-American icon whose ambitions toward the vice-presidency died with him in a fatal accident. Now seeing North's death in a new light, Rachel digs up deadly truths within the darkest corners of authority.
Taking on a covert probe that has already claimed the life of a top agent inside the Criminal Investigation Division, Rachel cracks an ironclad chain of government cover-ups. And the essential link is the Engineer: a killer of cold precision who could silence Rachel forever -- but insted lures her with top-secret disclosures, into an explosive confrontation that will strike at the highest ranks of leadership.
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  • March 1997
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Chapter 1

Rachel Collins, warrant officer second grade, shifted, her boot heels scraping the hot, corrugated roof of the metal shed where she lay spread-eagle. The residue of mid-September hurricanes that tore up the Carolinas usually brought rain this far north. But tonight the beams and sheet-metal walls of the warehouses stacked along Baltimore's industrial docks creaked and snapped as the temperature dropped grudgingly a few degrees from its high of eighty-two.

The operation was fraying at the edges. Rachel felt it in the tense whispers of the men scattered nearby in the darkness, dressed in black jumpsuits bulked out by... see more

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