Last Rights

Last Rights

Philip Shelby's electrifying bestseller Days of Drums was praised as "taut and exciting" (Los Angeles Times). Now this master of Washington thriller pits a maverick military officer against the ultimate nemesis: an unrelenting assassin who is the mastermind behind a far-reaching government conspiracy.
In a tense stakeout at an Army warehouse, Warrant Officer Rachel Collins breaks all the rules by going on her own -- and in a flash from her Sig-Sauer, takes down a barricaded arms dealer. But the man's dying words -- "Found out about North, didn't ya?" -- are a shocking tip-off to the truth about General Griffin North, an African-American icon whose ambitions toward the vice-presidency died with him in a fatal accident. Now seeing North's death in a new light, Rachel digs up deadly truths within the darkest corners of authority.
Taking on a covert probe that has already claimed the life of a top agent inside the Criminal Investigation Division, Rachel cracks an ironclad chain of government cover-ups. And the essential link is the Engineer: a killer of cold precision who could silence Rachel forever -- but insted lures her with top-secret disclosures, into an explosive confrontation that will strike at the highest ranks of leadership.
  • Simon & Schuster Audio | 
  • ISBN 9780743549202 | 
  • March 1997
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