Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

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Paul's been gone now for eight days. He was only supposed to be gone for the afternoon, off to the airport to pick up Josie. But he didn't come back. They didn't come back. Not that day. Not in the seven that came after. And now I'm quickly running out of food and water. I must leave our camp.
I must find them. I must survive....

Serch-and-rescue is Tally Nowata's profession -- and her passion. But now she's out of her element, half a world away from Wyoming's Grand Tetons, stranded, alone, in Australia's Tanami desert. She's hunting for those she loves -- and running from those who want to kill her....
Real-life tracker Hannah Nyala, author of the acclaimed memoir Point Last Seen, introduces a compelling heroine pitted against nature -- and the darkest criminal element -- in the ultimate fight for survival. A suspense-charged novel of courage and hope, Leave No Trace will leave you breathless.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 400 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451685602 | 
  • February 2012
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Chapter One: Day 1

I worked my first search for the National Park Service the day I turned nineteen, and found my first dead body three days later.

Her name was Loren Blair, young and athletic and as good on a mountain as anybody ever gets -- a first-rate climber in a class of her own -- but she wasn't climbing the day she disappeared. She was simply out for her morning run, tall and blond and beautiful as always, looking more like a model than a nature rat, when she stepped off the trail, slipped, and fell to her death. Five days passed before anyone even reported her missing. I didn't get to her till two weeks later, far too late... see more

About the Author

Hannah Nyala
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Hannah Nyala

Hannah Nyala's experience as a Search and Rescue tracker in the United States brings a gritty realism and emotional depth to the action-packed fictional adventures of Tally Nowata. Her previous Tally Nowata novel, Leave No Trace, is available from Pocket Books, as is her highly acclaimed memoir, Point Last Seen, which was made into a CBS-TV movie starring Linda Hamilton. She is currently at work on her next Tally Nowata novel. Visit her website at www.pointlastseen.com.




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