Lessons from the Edge

Lessons from the Edge

Extreme Athletes Show You How to Take on High Risk and Succeed

You've watched skiers race down the most dangerous of slopes with incredible grace and speed. With a mixture of pure disbelief and fascination, you've seen extreme skateboarders soar through the air with just enough balance and timing to keep their edge. And you can't help but wonder, how do they do that?
Lessons from the Edge is an exciting exposé of the extreme experience, giving you the why and the how of what it means to live on the edge. Extreme athlete Maryann Karinch chronicles the close calls and peak performances of competitive athletes, and shows that being successful is about much more than winning. For extreme athletes, success means cultivating the inner strength, confidence, and discipline to be ready for the next challenge.
Both inspirational and practical, Lessons from the Edge is a how-to guide for tapping into your own potential for greatness.
  • Learn how to develop mental toughness, trust intuition, and channel emotional energy in do-or-die situations
  • Prepare for an athletic challenge with expert advice on nutrition, sport-specific training routines, personal gear and equipment, and dealing with injuries
  • Discover what makes extreme athletes tick, from the bravado and thrill of adrenaline that come with success to the fear and self-doubt that can undermine performance
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  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684862156 | 
  • April 2000
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Chapter One: The Nature of Extreme Sports and Their Champions

"Without adventure, civilization is in full decay."

-- Alfred North Whitehead, philosopher

"Some people have 'hang out' genes and others have 'do stuff' genes."

-- T. J. Lavin, freestyle biker

Fame and wealth belong to great quarterbacks, center forwards, and home run hitters. Society prizes them like the Romans cheered gladiators who crushed their opponent's skull. They're heroes because they win.

Extreme athletes are heroes because they try -- something harder, faster, longer. Anyone can benefit from their insights and... see more

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