Life Is a Series of Presentations

Life Is a Series of Presentations

Eight Ways to Inspire, Inform, and Influence Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Learn to make effective presentations that will unlock dramatic personal and professional SUCCESS
Every time you speak -- whether it's on the phone, face-to-face, or from behind a podium -- you're making a presentation. Your ability to connect with other people and effectively communicate your message is the most important factor in your lifelong success.
Known as the business world's premier presentation coach, Tony Jeary has trained executives at more than 500 world-class organizations in the art of effective, winning presentations. Now he brings those same techniques and strategies to you. Jeary's easy-to-follow tips will help you gain confidence, improve self-esteem, enhance credibility, and maximize respect. Imagine having a greater ability to INFORM, INSPIRE, and INFLUENCE anyone, anytime and anywhere.
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  • 304 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743269254 | 
  • February 2005
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Chapter 1: What Bill Clinton Has That Gary Condit Doesn't

The Difference between a Good Presenter and a Poor One

Take two Democrats of the same generation with similar political views and similar character issues. One becomes the first man in his party to win reelection in fifty years -- despite a sex scandal that later leads to his impeachment trial. The other, after two terms in Congress, can't get elected dogcatcher. Whatever you think of the politics of Bill Clinton and Gary Condit, most people would agree that both behaved inappropriately during crucial moments in their professional lives. Yet Clinton, despite years of... see more

Live and Learn...and Share It All

Sometimes, in rare quiet moments, I sit around and wonder about the presentations that have shaped our world: King Solomon delivering his
verdict in the most famous custody dispute in human history, Jesus testifying before Pontius Pilate, Henry V urging on his troops at Agincourt, the future Elizabeth I begging Queen Mary to spare her life in the aftermath of a Protestant plot, Thomas Jefferson exhorting his patriotic brethren to fight for their freedom, John F. Kennedy inspiring a generation to reach the moon, and Martin Luther King, Jr., motivating a million people on the... see more

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Tony Jeary
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Tony Jeary

Tony Jeary, Mr. Presentation, personally coaches the world's top CEOs --
from such Fortune 500 companies as Ford, Wal-Mart, New York Life, EDS, and
Qualcomm -- how to move towards Presentation Mastery.




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