Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage

Awakening Male Sexual Energy

A tantric massage practice for awakening and honoring male creative energy and allowing a man conscious, loving contact with his own masculinity

• Empowers men to expand and deepen their experience of arousal and sensuality

• Demonstrates how deep relaxation is important to a strong and lasting erection

• Shows how the lingam connects a man to his dynamic strength while the prostate is linked to his more receptive side

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male generative organ, the penis. In India, the lingam is revered as an expression of Shiva’s clarity, symbolizing the fine sword that differentiates between truth and falsehood. The goal of a lingam massage is to provide a man conscious, loving contact with his own masculinity. Western cultural expectations around sexual “performance” have created sexual difficulties for many men, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Through loving touch, lingam massage provides the deep relaxation that supports sustained erection, putting a man in touch with less familiar aspects of his sexuality, including the energetic responses of his perineum, prostate gland, and anus.

Lingam massage is not simply a hands-on technique but involves the conscious direction of energy throughout the body. It allows men to savor longer, deeper orgasms and teaches taoist and tantric practices for conserving sexual energy. Over time, as his consciousness deepens, these practices give a man complete control over his ejaculation.
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  • Destiny Books | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781594773143 | 
  • March 2010
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Chapter 1


In the lingam, see the beauty of solidified gold,
the steadiness of the Himalayas,
the tenderness of a growing leaf,
the life-giving strength of the sun,
and the stimulation of its sparkling jewels!

--Linga Purana


At some point during puberty every boy experiences it: a sweet feeling accompanied by the excretion of a milky liquid from the lingam. For some the first ejaculation comes as a complete surprise, sometimes even completely without touching the lingam, as a “nocturnal emission” during their sleep. Over the following weeks, the... see more

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