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Little Things

Little Things

A Memoir in Slices

A collection of funny, poignant, and autobiographical short stories, Little Things looks at the aspects of daily life -- friendship, illness, death, work, crushes, love, jealousy, and fatherhood -- we take for granted. As each story loops into others, Jeffrey Brown shows how the smallest andseemingly most insignificant parts of everyday life can end up becoming the most meaningful. Brown's first full-length autobiographical book in several years, Little Things is also his most impressive, touching, and true.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416549468 | 
  • April 2008
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Cartoonist Jeffrey Brown Introduces his Memoir Little Things in This Cartoon

Watch Jeffrey Brown's cartoon to learn about his book Little Things, a memoir in slices.

About the Author

Author Revealed

Jeffrey Brown
Q. how did you come to write Little Things?

A. Over a couple years, I was writing short stories that had related themes and feelings - mostly about how our lives are full of these seemingly insignificant moments, and those moments make up more of our lives than the big, earth-shattering events. Those stories eventually fit together to make up this collection.

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