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Low Down and Dirty

Low Down and Dirty

A Novel

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Vickie Stringer’s Dirty Red is back. This time she’s on the run.

Having apparently wounded all of her enemies, and even her beloved Q, Red finds herself away from Detroit living the life of luxury in Arizona. She’s become a successful home broker with a bestselling book, and it seems as if all of her dirty tricks have finally paid off—from framing Detective Thomas to ruining Kera’s freedom. Unfortunately for Red, she’s made more enemies than she can count, and she soon finds herself running across the country in fear of them all while still being in love with Q. Everyone seems to have a reason to pay her the ultimate revenge, and even the most unlikely become partners if it means finally bringing an end to all of Red’s dirty schemes.

In yet another fast-paced and spiraling edition in this bestselling series, Vickie Stringer writes about a woman who will do anything to save her life and the people who go so low attempting to stop her.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451660890 | 
  • March 2012
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The oak front door of Red’s hacienda may have muffled Catfish’s threat, but Red still heard it loud and clear.

“You can run, but you can’t hide!” She lay on the floor of the front hallway defeated, still soaking wet from her hot tub, trying unsuccessfully to control her tears. The taste of the Cristal she’d been enjoying just minutes earlier suddenly turned bitter on her tongue as she wondered why she hadn’t been more prepared for this day. She’d planned for it, put most of the pieces in place, but she still had a few things left to do. Like buy a gun. God... see more

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