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Magic City

Magic City

Trials of a Native Son

“A thug is someone who stands on his own. He lives by the decisions he makes and accepts the consequences. A thug is comfortable in his own skin. I wear mine like a glove.”

 Trick Daddy was born a thug—just a stone’s throw from downtown Miami, yet a world away from its dazzling beauty and sparkling wealth. Where grinding poverty, deadly crime, and devastating racial tension taught kids to live by the ’hood rules. Remarkably, Trick came from nothing and made it big just when his chances had run out.

Magic City is the extraordinary tale of a boy whose father was a pimp, who learned to hustle to survive, and whose only role model was his brother, the drug dealer he watched plying his trade on the block. It’s the untold truth behind the cult movie Scarface, of the drug money that transformed the city into a shining mecca for the rich and famous while turf wars between smalltime pushers claimed countless lives. It’s also the incredible story of how that potent mixture of extremes—the electric pulse and glittering abundance of South Beach and the crime, corruption, and despair in its shadows—gave rise to the most dominant sound in hip-hop today. Magic City is an ode to Miami, a riveting tale of a paradise lost and a native son determined to infuse it with new life.
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  • November 2010
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Born a Thug


I’m not talking about the canned food that most residents in Anyhood, USA, have in their cupboards. Not the soppy stuff sitting next to the Kool-Aid and ramen, staples of a diet built on hard knocks.

History cats say the name came about because the only meal residents in Liberty Square Houses could afford was pork-n-beans. The idea isn’t that far-fetched. My family’s cupboard was stocked with the cuisine. But the origins stemmed from the stench that came from a local store that cooked the sloppy mess. It stunk up the entire projects. Then younger... see more

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