Mark Kistler'S Draw Squad

Mark Kistler'S Draw Squad

As "Commander Mark" on his national PBS TV series The Secret City, Mark Kistler has taught 10 million viewers of all ages how to draw. Mark Kistler's Draw Squad gathers all his zany, effective shortcuts to basic drawing skills into a book that will delight would be artists of all ages.
Like his TV show, the thirty lessons in this book are peppered with jokes, tips, and slogans, and organized in easy-to-follow steps. "Warm-up" exercises generate enthusiasm; the "Key Drawing Words" develop specific skills; practice pages are provided for hands-on participation; and the Commander's own lively sketches and "contests" invite you to add your own creative touches. His bubbling energy, flashes of whimsy, and talent as a teacher make learning to draw fun and easy -- even for those who swear they can't draw a straight line!
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671656942 | 
  • September 1988
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Chapter 1

"I Can't Even Draw A Straight Line" Dissolving a Popular Myth

What if I handed you a piece of blank paper and a pencil and asked you to draw a house. What would you say? I've asked this question to thousands of adults in my workshops, and invariably they give me the same response: I can't even draw a straight line!

You've probably always believed that you needed talent before you could learn how to draw. Consequently, you've wished that you had some. Well, I've got a surprise for you -- you have enormous stockpiles of talent stored away. It's just that you've never been exposed to a systematic program,... see more

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