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Marry Smart

Marry Smart

Advice for Finding THE ONE

You’re single and you know what you want in your life. And if your dreams include getting married and having children, this fresh new approach to finding the right one at the right time shows the way to make those dreams a reality.

A graduate of one of the first classes of women at Princeton University, Susan Patton has heard smart young women admit they aspire to marriage and motherhood but have no model for pursuing those goals; reflecting on the choices she made in her early twenties, she’s boldly turned the tables on our “career first” conditioning and suggests that you seek out the golden opportunities right in front of you, right now.

In Marry Smart, she shares the wisdom of her experience with warmth, humor, and very straight talk. But this is not your mother’s dating guide— Marry Smart celebrates the vital achievements of traditional marriage and motherhood, and gives you the essential life strategies that no one’s talking about, including how to:

• strike while the greatest number of single young men is available to you
• attract a man who is your intellectual and emotional equal
• date to find a mate—and how to spot a diamond in the rough
• find total satisfaction in your roles as a wife and mother

Whether or not you are in college, whether your future plans are clear or still undecided, Marry Smart is a must-read for all young women who want to get the most out of love and life.
  • Gallery Books | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476759722 | 
  • March 2014
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Advice for Finding THE ONE

Whether or not you are in college, whether your future plans are clear or still undecided "The Princeton Mom", Susan Patton reveals how to "Marry Smart".

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Marry Smart It’s Harder for Us Smart Women
IF YOU ARE A WELL-EDUCATED woman hoping to marry a man who is at least your intellectual equal, you have almost priced yourself out of the market. Honestly, where do you think that you will find super-smart men once you are no longer a student? At a bar? Online? You know that the men on your campus are just as smart as you are—they got into the same school that you did! They take the same classes. You see them in the library, pulling all-nighters studying, taking exams. Once you enter the real... see more

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About the Author

Susan Patton
Craig Nisnewitz

Susan Patton

Susan Patton is a first-generation American and was in one of the first classes of women to graduate from Princeton in 1977. She is a first-time author, a human resources consultant, and an executive coach in New York City. She is the proud mother of two Princeton sons, a daughter-in-law who also graduated from Princeton, and a long-haired red dachshund named Lucille.




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