Martha Washington

America's First Lady

Martha Washington

For Ages: 8 - 12
Explore the childhood of Martha Washington and find out why she’s an all-star in American history!

Martha Washington was a wife, mother, and the first First Lady of the United States, but what was she like as a child?

In this narrative biography, you’ll learn all about Martha Washington’s childhood, from her birth on June 2, 1731, to her time growing up on her parents’ Virginia plantation, to marriage George Washington in 1759. Discover what Martha did for fun—and how her confidence and ability to host large social events prepared her to help her husband lead a new nation.

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About the Author

Jean Brown Wagoner

Jean Brown Wagoner (1896–1996) was the author of several titles including Louisa Alcott, Girl of Old Boston; Martha Washington, Girl of Old Virginia; Abigail Adams, A Girl of Colonial Days; Jessie Fremont, A Girl of Capitol Hill; and Julia Ward Howe, Girl of Old New York.