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Mastering Triangle Chokes

Mastering Triangle Chokes

Ground Marshal Submission Grappling

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In Mastering Triangle Chokes, Neil Melanson takes you deep into the grappling rabbit hole and teaches you how to apply the devastating triangle choke submission in virtually any scenario from your guard. Unlike other grappling instructional manuals, Mastering Triangle Chokes is not a random compilation of techniques. It is a detailed system that teaches you how to capitalize on your opponent's body position and direction of movement. It gives you a chess-like strategy for anticipating your opponent's counters, allowing you to remain two steps ahead and shut down all possible escape routes. With more than 2,000 color photos and descriptive narrative, Mastering Triangle Chokes is the most complete tome ever written on the art of the triangle choke.
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  • Victory Belt Publishing | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781936608096 | 
  • November 2013
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