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The Maternity Leave Breastfeeding Plan

The Maternity Leave Breastfeeding Plan

How to Enjoy Nursing for 3 Months and Go Back to Work Guilt-Free

Finally, a sensible plan for women who return to work
after a three-month maternity leave

Anyone who has ever had a baby has heard the prevailing medical wisdom that "breast is best" for baby's first food. Solid science stands behind that wisdom: Excellent studies show that there are immunological and other benefits for the breastfed baby. On the other hand, doctors and breastfeed- ing advocates rarely appreciate or even acknowledge the challenges that go along with breastfeeding until baby is ready for solid food -- anywhere from four to nine months. The simple and reasonable approach is one that many doctors and breastfeeding advocates unfortunately treat as sacrilege:
Limit breastfeeding to the length of your maternity leave.
As Dr. Wilkoff explains, the truth is that women who nurse for three months (or until their maternity leave is over) provide their children with an optimal start in terms of nutrition and can have the same rewarding experience as mothers who nurse their children much longer. In contrast to the insistence of militant breastfeeding advocates, he offers an important and comforting message: Breast is best for as long as you can comfortably manage it.
There are no guilt trips or political agendas here. Instead mothers will find:
a practical plan for establishing a nursing schedule
troubleshooting advice, including how moms can avoid becoming the baby's pacifier
help with making a smooth transition back to the workplace
and more
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743213455 | 
  • August 2002
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Chapter 1: Do We Really Need Another Book About Breastfeeding?

It doesn't make much sense. Nursing an infant would appear to be such a simple biologic process. We seem to get along just fine without detailed instructions on how to perform our other "natural" body functions. However, "experts" continue to write books about breastfeeding. already lists more than two hundred titles that offer advice about nursing. How could there possibly be anything new to say about breastfeeding babies?

After all, humans have been nursing their offspring for tens of thousands of years. Why do we need another self-proclaimed expert to tell... see more

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