Maximum Security

Maximum Security

A Crime Novel


At the request of her law partner and lover, Harry Madigan, attorney Marty Nickerson agrees to defend beautiful Louisa Rawlings against the charge of first-degree murder in the bludgeoning death of her wealthy husband. Marty is both intrigued and disturbed by Louisa since she used to be Harry's girlfriend but is her own polar opposite. The DA believes Louisa was motivated by greed but Marty's gut tells her the murderer was driven by something far more personal.
As Marty builds her client's defense, she encounters Louisa's handsome ex-husband, her surly stepdaughter, and the girl's deadbeat boyfriend. But as the evidence against Louisa mounts and Marty can't count on help from her male associates who are dangerously bewitched by Louisa, she must rely on her own well-honed legal instincts and passion for justice to make sure a brutal killer doesn't go free.
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  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451613094 | 
  • November 2010
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Chapter 1

Thursday, October 12

An old friend. That's what Harry called her when he broached the subject just moments ago. Would I agree to represent an old friend of his who's in a bit of a jam?

"Of course I would," I told him. "But why don't you represent your old friend yourself?"

I knew his answer before I finished my question. Harry Madigan is uncommonly good at many things, but he'd die of starvation if he had to earn his living playing poker.

He leans forward in his chair by my desk and laughs, knowing I know. "All right," he says, raising his hands in mock surrender. "She's an old girlfriend. And I... see more

About the Author

Rose Connors
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Rose Connors

Rose Connors, whose debut novel, Absolute Certainty, won the Mary Higgins Clark Award, grew up in Philadelphia and received her law degree from Duke in 1984. A trial attorney for eighteen years, she's had experience from the prosecutorial and defense sides of the courtroom, and has exasperated any number of judges in both capacities. She is admitted to practice in both Washington State and Massachusetts and lives with her family on Cape Cod, where she is at work on the next Marty Nickerson novel.




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