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Me Myself I

What if you could live the "what if" in your life?
Pamela Drury is in crisis. As she enters her thirty-fifth year, she is struck by the realization that she has made a complete mess of her life. Sure, she's traveled the world, has an award-winning career, and owns real estate. So why does she have the overwhelming feeling that she missed the boat to love and happiness? What happened to Mr. Right? Pamela comes to the miserable conclusion that she let him go when she turned down Robert Dickson thirteen years ago.
Racked with regret and at the brink of despair, Pamela magically collides with someone who is about to change her life: herself. The Pamela who did marry Robert Dickson all those years ago....
Pamela No. 2 comes complete with Robert, three children, two goldfish, and a dog. Astonished to meet her alternate self, Pamela is further stunned when Pamela No. 2 vanishes, leaving Pamela stranded in the married life...with funny, revealing, and often poignant consequences.
Australian screenwriter/director Pip Karmel, creator of the internationally acclaimed film Me Myself I, showcases her sparkling talent in this wry and affecting novel.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743406529 | 
  • April 2000
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Chapter One: The Facts of Life

Pamela Drury was twelve years old the day her mother caught her trying to burn her underpants in the backyard incinerator.

"Pammy? What on earth are you doing?"

Pamela turned guiltily. "Nothing!"

Her mother leaned into the incinerator and prodded around with the wrought-iron poker, managing at length to spike the singed underpants through the elastic waistband. She pulled the poker out and held the soiled item in the air, which flapped ungainly in the breeze. Pamela burst into tears and ran into the house.

Clearly, Mrs. Drury had left their little talk a little late, and it was... see more

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