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Mia's Baker's Dozen

Mia's Baker's Dozen

(Book #6 of Cupcake Diaries)
For Ages: 8 - 12
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Mia finds that one more in the mix is always better in this treat of a tween series!

Mia is getting used to her new family now that her mom is remarried to Eddie and she’s gained a new stepbrother, Dan. She’s in the groove of going to her dad’s house on the weekends, and everything is going pretty well at home and at school. Well, except for Spanish class. Mia’s parents and stepfather speak it and she does too—but speaking it and writing it are two different things, and somehow Mia ends up in the hands of the merciless Mrs. Alvarez and almost failing Spanish class. Still, things are so good at home that Mia doesn’t want to worry anyone or rock the boat. But when her parents find out—all three of them—she realizes that instead of having two parents, she’s lucky enough to have three, and all three of them pitch in to help her. A baker’s dozen is a bonus!
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  • Simon Spotlight | 
  • 160 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442446137 | 
  • February 2012 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7
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I’ll Definitely Finish It Tomorrow . . .

Me llamo Mia, y me gusta hornear pastelitos.

That means “My name is Mia, and I like to bake cupcakes” in Spanish. A few months ago, I could never have read that sentence or even written it. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal. But for me, it totally was.

Here’s the thing: I’m good at a bunch of things, like playing soccer and drawing and decorating cupcakes. Nobody ever expected me to be good at them. I just was.

But everyone expected me to be good at Spanish. My whole family is... see more

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