Miss O'Dell

Miss O'Dell

My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved


* She was in the studio when the Beatles recorded The White Album, Abbey Road, and Let It Be, and she sang in the “Hey Jude” chorus.

* She lived with George Harrison and Pattie Boyd and unwittingly got involved in Pattie’s famous love story with Eric Clapton.

* She’s the subject of Leon Russell’s “Pisces Apple Lady.”

* She worked for the Rolling Stones on their infamous 1972 tour and did a drug run for Keith Richards.

* She’s “the woman down the hall” in Joni Mitchell’s song “Coyote,” the “mystery woman” pictured on the Stones album Exile on Main Street, and the “Miss O’Dell” of George Harrison’s song.

The remarkable, intimate story of an ordinary woman who lived the dream of millions—to be part of rock royalty’s inner circle—Miss O’Dell is a backstage pass to some of the most momentous events in rock history.
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  • July 2010
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Author Chris O'Dell Discusses Her New Memoir Miss O'Dell

The ultimate insider rock memoir about life and love with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and more.

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Derek Taylor

February–March 1968
I was sprawled out on the sofa in my Hollywood apartment, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, watching a game show on the black-and-white, thirteen-inch TV, smoking a joint, and getting really annoyed. My date was almost two hours late. I was alone in the apartment because my roommates, both high school friends from Tucson, were out partying. Where the hell was he?

When the phone finally rang around 10:00 p.m., I didn’t try to hide the fact that I was upset.

“Chris! It’s Allan.” He sounded a little out of breath, and from the background noise I guessed... see more

About the Author

Chris O'Dell
Joyce Ravid

Chris O'Dell

From 1968 to 1984, Chris O'Dell worked in the music world as an assistant and tour manager for the most influential musicians of that era. She has appeared on television, radio, and print media relating to her stories of her years with The Beatles and The Stones. She appears in a number of books written about the various groups she worked for including I, Me Mine by George Harrison; Rolling Thunder Logbook by Sam Shepard; Wonderful Tonight by Patti Boyd, and Clapton by Eric Clapton. Currently, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor. She has a twenty-two year old son and lives in Tucson, Arizona.


Author Revealed

Chris O'Dell
Q. how did you come to write Miss O'Dell?

A. I knew I was living the dreams of millions. I have wanted to write this book for years, but could never find the right time. It arrived when I met Kathy Ketcham and together we have created a book of which I am extremely proud.

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