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Moira's Crossing

Moira's Crossing

An exquisitely wrought debut novel about sisterhood through three generations in Ireland and America
It is 1921 in Ireland. When their mother dies in childbirth, Moira and Julia O'Leary are left to rear their infant sister, Ann, while their father, a sheep farmer, despairs. After Ann dies, Moira and Julia depart Cork for Boston, but the painful secret behind Ann's death haunts their new lives and presages the confusion that will come to trouble the next generation.
Moira and Julia have always been strikingly different, but theirs is a mercilessly dependable relationship -- Moira's boldness is fortified by Julia's quiet inner purpose, and Julia lives vicariously through her sister's impulsive actions. Moira's Crossing charts their shared journey through marriage, children, and life on the coast of Maine.
At once an examination of the troubled intimacy of sisterhood and an inquiry into the meaning of faith, Moira's Crossing is also a story of what we leave behind and who we become because of it.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743410571 | 
  • February 2001
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From Part One: In the Fold

Their mother, Heleen O'Leary, had believed in reason, in spite of her faith. Reason told her that the fire in?aming her joints after her daughter Moira's birth was a warning. Her second delivery a year and a half later and the premature birth of yet another girl, achieved with forceps that left the child's skull permanently misshapen, reminded her that faith was more useful than reason, particularly when she had no choice in the matter.

"A boy?" her husband wanted to know.

"The rooster will do as he fancies," she replied, not unkindly.

Although she had never taken to the rural farm life of the Beare... see more

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