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Moon Dance

Moon Dance

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Mariah Stewart certain to delight readers everywhere," says Romantic Times about this bestselling, award-winning author. Now, with the warm sensuality she brought to Wonderful You and Devlin's Light, she spins a touching and endearing love story of two searching hearts...
Georgia Enright has dedicated her life to dance. But at age twenty-six, her dreams of becoming a lead dancer are fleeting. Having missed college and the sweet moments of ordinary life, she ventures to Pumpkin Hill, an old farm owned by her newly found half-sister, Laura Bishop, to contemplate her future. There, discovering an affinity for the simple pleasures of country life and a barn just perfect for giving dance lessons, Georgia enjoys in oasis of peace...until Matthew Bishop shows up.
An abandoned child taken in by the same loving parents who had adopted Laura, Matt Bishop has plans of his own for that empty old barn at Pumpkin Hill -- plans that include a veterinary clinic, not a ballet studio! The onlything the rugged doctor resents more than Laura's interest in her birth family the Enrights, is having to share the premises with one. Yet despite himself, he can't deny there's something special about the graceful, blonde Enright who has brightened his world -- and if he's not careful, she just may find a way to dance into his heart.
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  • 544 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451633054 | 
  • November 2010
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Chapter One
Georgia nimbly leaned over to tie first her left, then her right running shoe before standing and stretching from side to side to limber up. Though in top athletic form after nine years of dancing professionally, she still performed an exacting ritual before setting out on her daily run. Side-to-side stretches forward lunges, jumping jacks, leg lifts. Twenty of each. Her warm-up completed, she left her sixth-floor condo, locked the door securely behind her, tucked the key into the pocket of her dark green hooded sweatshirt, and set off for the ground floor. On foot.
Taking the stairs only prolonged her prerun warmup, she... see more

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