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The Morning of the Magicians

The Morning of the Magicians

Secret Societies, Conspiracies, and Vanished Civilizations

The groundbreaking and classic study that first popularized occultism, alchemy, and paranormal phenomena in the 1960s

• Provides profound insights into our perceptions of reality, telepathy, mutants, and parallel universes

• Reveals the occult influences on the Nazis and introduces the alchemist Fulcanelli and the work of Charles Fort and Gurdjieff

• Over Half a Million Copies Sold

This groundbreaking, international bestseller, first published in 1960, couples profound insights into the hidden history of humanity and our perceptions of reality with the scientific evidence that supports the existence of paranormal activity, telepathy, and extraterrestrial communications. The first book to explore in depth the Nazi fascination with the occult, Pauwels and Bergier also broke new ground with their study of pyramidology, alchemy and its close kinship with atomic energy, and the possibility of a widespread mutation of humanity that would herald the dawn of a new age for the earth. Their study of secret societies, starting with the Rosicrucians, suggests that such changes are actively being pursued in the present day by a “conspiracy” of the most spiritually and intellectually advanced members of the human race.

The Morning of the Magicians also explores the anomalous events collected by Charles Fort, the work of Gurdjieff, and the history of the mysterious Fulcanelli, who was widely believed to have manufactured the philosopher’s stone--which provided the Nazis the motive for mounting an intensive search for him during their occupation of Paris. Much more than a collection of strange facts defying conventional wisdom, this book remains a sophisticated philosophical exploration of repressed phenomena and hidden histories that asks its readers to look at reality with ever “awakened eyes.”
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  • 448 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781594772313 | 
  • December 2008
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The modern alchemist and the spirit of research . . .

The modern alchemist is a man who reads treatises on nuclear physics. He is convinced that transmutations and still more extraordinary phenomena can be obtained by manipulations and with the aid of comparatively simple apparatus. It is among contemporary alchemists that the spirit of the isolated seeker is to be found, and the preservation of such a spirit is very important at the present time. For it is generally believed today that no progress in science is possible without large-scale teamwork, vast apparatus, and considerable financial backing. And yet the... see more

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