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The Mother's Day Garden

An ordinary woman makes an extraordinary discovery -- and gets a second chance to follow her dreams -- in this heartwarming novel from award-winning storyteller Kimberly Cates
Parenthood behind her, her only daughter off to college, Hannah O'Connell should be enjoying the peace of an empty home, and time with her husband, Sam. But a miraculous arrival, an abandoned baby girl, comes into their lives -- a precious infant with the power to put the unspoken strains in their marriage into sharp focus. Clashing with Sam over caring for little Ellie, Hannah takes a chance on her lifelong wish for a home filled with the laughter and joys of children. Sam needs only to look at Hannah's garden -- where, years ago, she hoped to plant a lilac bush for each of her children still to be -- to know he cannot keep her love for Ellie from blooming. But will a shattering secret from Hannah's past push them to the breaking point? Hannah will risk everything on the hope that love is enough for them all.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 416 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476727615 | 
  • October 2012
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Chapter One

Trapped like a rat, Hannah O'Connell thought as the screen door slammed and all too familiar footsteps sounded briskly in her back entryway.

"Hannah?" her best friend, Josie Wilkes, called out. "Don't get up. It's just me."

Hannah clutched the handles of the wicker laundry basket as if it were full of drug money instead of mounds of damp things fresh from the washing machine. You'd think most people would consider hanging out wash pretty harmless. But she had a funny feeling Josie Wilkes wouldn't see it quite that way.

Hannah looked for someplace to ditch the evidence, but there was no retreat. Reckless, her... see more

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