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Mysteries of the Bridechamber

Mysteries of the Bridechamber

The Initiation of Jesus and the Temple of Solomon

Jesus was an initiate and adept of the ancient Judaic mysteries who strove to reinstate the tradition of the bridechamber sacrament in his time

• Shows that Jesus sought to establish equity of masculine and feminine in both spiritual practice and social traditions, particularly in the sacrament of marriage

• Reinterprets Jesus’ key teachings in light of the ancient tradition of sacred consortship

• Reveals what happened to the gnostic heart of Christianity that Jesus embodied

Jesus was a high-initiate and master adept of the ancient Judaic mysteries who strove to free people from the dead hand of the ritualists. He was trained in a dissident Jewish brotherhood that arose in Egypt before he was born, which sought to bring back the ancient Judaic mysteries outlawed by the Jerusalem temple. At the heart of this movement was a yogic-based practice known in the apocrypha as the Gnosis of the Heart, which espoused the union of both sexes in a secret initiatic teaching.

As a fearless social reformer, Jesus wanted to restore the authority of the feminine principle, including asserting the equality of man and woman in the social contract of marriage. He reinstated in his own life the tradition of sacred consortship--a rite known to early Church fathers as the bridechamber sacrament, whereby the marriage of the masculine and feminine energies was effected. This rite, Victoria LePage suggests, was the primary focus of Jesus’ teachings, the very heart of his exhortations to love thy neighbor, and the source of his healing power.

Mysteries of the Bridechamber explains how, as a master adept of the Temple of Solomon, Jesus derived these teachings directly from ancient Judaic mystery traditions, revealing both a life story for Jesus that differs markedly from the version the Church has offered as well as a spiritual practice based on a mystical wisdom tradition of self-initiation and transformation.
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  • Inner Traditions | 
  • 448 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781594771934 | 
  • November 2007
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New spiritual currents are bathing the West: the wind of a changing zeitgeist blows through the world of the third millennium, promising a renewal of the spirit. And yet the widespread resurgence of interest in soul-care, in the occult, and in a spectrum of meditational and yogic practices from the East--in a word, the reawakening of a sense of the transcendent--is highlighting as never before the depth of the cultural/social crisis that besets us. Is it, some ask, the beginning of a spiritual renaissance or the last efflorescence of a dying organism?

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About the Author

Victoria LePage

Victoria LePage has published numerous articles on the new spiritual paradigm emerging in cultures worldwide and is the author of Shambhala: The Fascinating Truth Behind the Myth of Shangri-la, published in ten foreign languages. She lives in Australia.




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