The New New Deal

The New New Deal

The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era

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Drawing on new documents and interviews with more than 400 sources, award-winning reporter Michael Grunwald reveals the vivid story behind one of the most important and least understood laws in U.S. history, President Obama’s $800 billion stimulus. Grunwald’s New York Times bestseller shows how the politically disastrous stimulus was a real new New Deal, preventing a depression while jumpstarting the president’s ambitious agenda for lasting change. It launched America’s transition to a clean-energy economy, established the boldest education reform in U.S. history, overhauled the nation’s antipoverty programs, and funded the most extensive infrastructure investments since Eisenhower’s interstate highway system. This is the definitive account not only of a transformative law, but of a transformative president’s first term.
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  • September 2013
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The New New Deal — INTRODUCTION — Things That Never Were
Change begins with a leap of faith—not a fairy-tale faith that tomorrow will always turn out better than today, or a rah-rah faith in the inevitable destiny of God’s most favored nation, but a more practical belief that the past is not necessarily prologue, that the future doesn’t have to look like the present. It’s progressive in the literal sense, not the polite-way-to-say-liberal sense, a simple faith in the... see more

About the Author

Michael Grunwald
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Michael Grunwald

Michael Grunwald, a Time senior correspondent, has won the George Polk Award for national reporting, the Worth Bingham Award for investigative reporting, and many other prizes. The Washington Post called the first book, The Swamp, “a brilliant work of research and reportage.” He lives in Florida.




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