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Of Bersekers, Swords and Vampires

Of Bersekers, Swords and Vampires

A Saberhagen Retrospective

1.      Introduction by New York Times best-selling author David Weber, creator of Honor Harrington.

2.      Wide-ranging story collection from a master of both fantasy and science fiction genres.

3.      Includes works from the popular Berserker® and best-selling Lost Swords series, as well as the very first series told from the POV of a vampire.   

4.      Advertising in Locus, more.

5.      Simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback editions.

Best-selling author  Fred Saberhagen created three popular series: his Berserker stories and novels telling of the endless war of humans and their alien allies against the Berserkers, gigantic robot battleships programmed by an unknown extinct race to destory all life in the galaxy; his high fantasy Lost Swords series; and his Dracula series, the first novels to tell a story from the vampire’s point of view. In a book that will be irresistible for the thousands of Saberhagen fans, all three series are represented here, as well as gems from his other series, including his first-published story and his last-written story, marking the endpoints of a remarkable writer’s remarkable career that spanned more than four decades As Joan Spicci Saberhagen writes in her foreword, “Even Fred’s most ardent fans will have a fresh look at his talents. Whatever the setting, Fred’s stories provide fast moving action and a thought provoking theme.”
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  • Baen | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439132968 | 
  • June 2009
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