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Offering from the Conscious Body

Offering from the Conscious Body

The Discipline of Authentic Movement

The exploration of the direct experience of healing and of the divine through the witnessing of movement becoming conscious.

• Uses sample sessions and descriptive theory to explain the discipline.

• Based on the author's 35 years of movement work.

Offering from the Conscious Body reveals both the theory and practice of a unique body-based process that is cathartic, creative, healing, and mystical--as presented by Janet Adler, the presiding voice in the field. This Western awareness practice encourages the individual to experience the evolving relationship with oneself, another, the collective, and the divine through the natural impulses of conscious movement, compassionate witnessing, and clear articulation of experience. Through the vivid examples taken from her own practice, Adler demonstrates that physical movement can invite direct experience of spiritual truths. The reader is led through the multiple layers within the discipline--moving and witnessing in dyads and then groups, in the presence of a witnessing teacher--to develop a comprehensive and experiential understanding of this innovative way of work. Designed for professionals and laypersons interested in psychology, bodywork, mystic traditions, or personal transformation, the discipline of Authentic Movement is at the cutting edge of emerging Western healing practices. 
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  • Inner Traditions | 
  • 264 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780892819669 | 
  • September 2002
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Offering from the Conscious Body
The Discipline of Authentic Movement


When you brush a form clean, it becomes truly what it is.

In 1969, in my twenty-eighth year, I experienced the clarity of John Weir’s perception of the self in relationship and the depth of Mary Whitehouse way of knowing body consciousness. Though my encounters with my teachers were brief, the jewel I received from each became the source for the discipline of Authentic Movement, both a form and a practice which developed within the following thirty years in my studio work. This discipline has evolved... see more

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About the Author

Janet Adler

 Janet Adler, with a Ph.D. in Mystical Studies, teaches the discipline of Authentic Movement in the United States and Europe and was the founder and director of The Mary Starks Whitehouse Institute, the first school devoted to the study and practice of the discipline. She is the author of Arching Backward and of two films: Looking for Me, documenting her work with autistic children, and Still Looking, reflecting her work in the discipline of Authentic Movement. She lives in northern California where she also works as a hospice chaplain.




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