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The Offering

The Offering

A Pledge Novel

For Ages: 14 and up
True love—and world war—is at stake in the conclusion to The Pledge trilogy, a dark and romantic blend of dystopia and fantasy.

Charlie, otherwise known as Queen Charlaina of Ludania, has become comfortable as a leader and a ruler. She’s done admirable work to restore Ludania’s broken communications systems with other Queendoms, and she’s mastered the art of ignoring Sabara, the evil former queen whose Essence is alive within Charlie. Or so she thinks.

When the negotiation of a peace agreement with the Queendom of Astonia goes awry, Charlie receives a brutal message that threatens Ludania, and it seems her only option is to sacrifice herself in exchange for Ludanian freedom.

But things aren’t always as they seem. Charlie is walking into a trap—one set by Sabara, who is determined to reclaim the Queendoms at any cost.
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  • Margaret K. McElderry Books | 
  • 304 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442445628 | 
  • December 2013 | 
  • Grades 9 and up
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The Offering

My lips stretched into a tight smile as I made my way to the front of the congregation of stone-faced officials who’d gathered in the crowded meeting room. Everyone stood when I entered, and I tried my best to appear calm, but my heart was racing as I looked out at all the intense expressions of the people watching me, judging me.

At any other time I might’ve explained my reaction away as nerves, but not today. Today I had something to prove.

I needed to show them that all the changes I’d been leading... see more

About the Author

Kimberly Derting
Credit: Celeste Morrison

Kimberly Derting

Kimberly Dertingis the author of The Pledge series and the Body Finder series. She lives in Washington State. Visit her at




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