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The Office Girls

The Office Girls

A topsy-turvy ride through corporate America, where the male
is the minority and must face a comedic blend of sex
discrimination and harassment that threatens his sanity.

Michael Forrester, a floundering author, has been reduced to writing articles for a local newspaper under a pseudonym. When the newspaper runs an article he finds offensive to African-American men, he writes a rebuttal, which offends so many women it gets him fired. Michael then sets out to write a book that proves corporate women are just as scandalous, competitive, and insensitive as their male counterparts.

But when he manipulates events to get hired into an office that is staffed by all women, events quickly spiral out of control. As romances sprout like weeds and Michael finds himself fighting for the women he works alongside, rather than against them, the question is whether he will be able to focus on his work, keep his flings a secret, and achieve the success he has always dreamed of.

In turns hilarious, sobering, and eye-opening, The Office Girls tells the story of every woman who works in the corporate world and the challenges they face on a daily basis.
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  • Strebor Books | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781593091293 | 
  • January 2008
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The Office Girls chapter 1
I knew the day I was born with an umbilical cord wrapped tightly around my throat, my mother crying, and the doctor screaming the words, “unless it’s necessary, don’t look at the face,” my life was going to be nothing but pure hell.

I was born the eldest of two boys in Buena Vista, Michigan. My parents were very religious and very strict. They preached two subjects constantly, heaven and hell. If you listened to what they said, you were bound for heaven, but if not, you... see more

About the Author

Sylvester Stephens

Sylvester Stephens is an author and playwright who performs motivational speaking engagements to motivate youths and encourage literary awareness. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit




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