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One Great Truth

One Great Truth

Finding Your Answers to Life

Foreword by: Chuck Colson
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Jonathan Falwell carries on the legacy of his father—the internationally known fundamentalist and founder of the Moral Majority, Jerry Falwell—in this book about the single most important truth for believers.

Reverend Falwell affirms in One Great Truth that regardless of situations Christians face, there is a simple, underlying, foundational truth that will enable them to have the strength needed to carry on and bring purpose to their lives.

Above all else, it seems as if people are always looking to be significant. They are trying to determine what it will take to make a difference, to be a leader. In the midst of this challenge, people also face the trials and tribulations of life that seem to bring great discouragement. While many look to various sources for the answer of how to succeed and how to make it through their problems, the only answer that can actually bring success is found within the words of the Bible. The one great truth is that our focus must be on Christ. When everything we do revolves around serving Him, we find the great answers to all of life’s mysteries. Within the Bible we find the hope we need to forge ahead, despite life’s challenges and disappointments. The one great truth is that with God, all things are possible, and He will give us the strength and abilities we need to succeed.
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  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439188491 | 
  • November 2009
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Pastor Jonathan Falwell’s One Great Truth

Learn the One Great Truth: that with God all things are possible and only in Him can you find the strength and ability to success in ways that truly matter.



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