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One Woman Short

One Woman Short

A Novel

There were many women in his past.
Will one of them become his future?

Rodney Hampton, a thirty-three-year-old L.A. native, is a pro at juggling women. He and his best friend, Timothy Waters Jr., spent many years recklessly scoping out honeys at ski summits, getting acquainted with MBAs at Martha's Vineyard beach parties, and macking coeds at the Howard homecoming. Yet when Tim gets married, Rodney begins to wonder whether what his ailing mother tells him is true -- is he really "one woman short"?
After compiling a list of all his previous lovers, he goes knocking on the doors of three ex-girlfriends to see if he may have let true love (and matrimony) slip away: Belinda Myles, a club promoter; Sabena, a Cedars-Sinai nurse/dancer; and Amy Davis, a born-again bus dispatcher. The question is: Will anyone in this trio let the man who loved and then left come back into her life?
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684864617 | 
  • June 2000
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Chapter One

I was in a wedding. I wish my momma could have been there. I wish my sister could have seen. I wish all those women who said I'd never, ever be anywhere near a chapel could see me standing in front of a church in a blue suit and ruffled white shirt with neo-Elizabethan flavor.

But none of those people were there. Not my momma, who's not feeling very well. Not my sister, who chided me as a frivolous, immature dog just a few days ago. Not any of the women I'd disappointed by not "acting right."

None of them were here 'cause this wasn't my wedding. Right next to me in a blue suit that looked even more Elizabethan... see more

About the Author

Nelson George
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Nelson George

Nelson George is a writer, filmmaker, and cultural critic who's been working professionally more than twenty-five years. He is the author of eight works of nonfiction, most recently Post-Soul Nation, five novels including the national bestseller One Woman Short, and several screenplays. George lives in Brooklyn, New York.




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