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The journey begins when Charlie Curtis travels to New Orleans on a deathbed assignment from his father. The mission? To find his father's half brother, James Joseph Pelikan, a criminal ringleader of the French Quarter from midnight until dawn in places where tourists seldom venture. Barely off the train, Charlie witnesses the murder of one of Pelikan's cronies at the hand of a woman whose only adornment is a fishhook through her lower lip. And so begins acclaimed thriller writer David Lozell Martin's carnival ride to enlightenment, the ensuing caper revealing just how far a man will go to find redemption.
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  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416566618 | 
  • December 2008
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Chapter One: A One-Way Ticket on a Train Called the Crescent City

"I have something to tell you, Charlie..." This is my father talking, he's dying. "When your mother was giving birth to you, she had a bowel movement -- "


"She didn't mean to, Charlie."

My father and I had seen each other infrequently over the past several years, and now we were supposed to be enacting a solemn deathbed scene, my father having summoned me to a Charlottesville, Virginia, hospice where he was waiting for cancer to complete destiny.

"I wasn't around when your sisters were born," he said. "As I'm sure your mother told you, I... see more

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