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People Die

People Die

A Novel

JJ is a model employee. He does his work quietly and competently, and he keeps his nose clean. But JJ's job is murder for hire, and when the kind of company he works for undergoes restructuring, people don't get fired -- they get fired upon. So for the first time in his life, JJ is not just a predator; he's the prey, and he doesn't even know why. All he knows is that the people close to him are being killed, former allies are turning against him, and the only person offering help is the best friend of one of his victims.
It's one of the golden rules -- never become involved with a target's friends or family, with the people who loved him. But JJ's running out of options, and, despite himself, he's drawn by the lure of passing through that door, from his side of death to theirs.
Much more than a straightforward hitman caper, People Die is a rare debut, combining tongue-in-cheek sensibility with heart-in-mouth suspense to provide killer entertainment.
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  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743241885 | 
  • April 2002
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Chapter One


JJ hesitated at the door. He could hear a voice in the room and stopped to listen but realized after just a few seconds that Bostridge was talking to a prostitute. He was talking his way through putting on a condom, the strange reassuring tones middle-aged men seemed to fall into when they were in bed with young women, all guilt and denial and embarrassment.

So much for the information. Viner had stressed one thing above all about Bostridge, that he was a real family man, never played away from home, that he'd definitely be on his own at that time of the evening. And Viner of all people... see more

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Kevin Wignall
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Kevin Wignall

Kevin Wignall is the author of three novels, For the Dogs, People Die, and Among the Dead, and a number of acclaimed short stories. His work has inspired musicians and other artists, and both Who Is Conrad Hirst? and For the Dogs have been optioned for film. Visit the author at




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