Perfect Puppy-Newly Revised & Updated

How to Raise a Well-Behaved Dog

Perfect Puppy-Newly Revised & Updated

Reader's Digest best-selling dog book-for over 11 years-is now fully revised and updated! All of the original edition's positive methods are revisited to create a harmonious relationship based on love and trust.

Acquiring a new puppy is always an exciting experience, but training the little rascal can be exasperating, time-consuming, and not always successful. This revised edition contains a greater emphasis on common behavioral problems-keeping control without using intimidation or punishment, plus much more information on how to set boundaries and enforce behavior standards without being aggressive.

Based on the latest research and training methods, this volume contains:
Fully revised and updated information: An additional 16 pages, updated text, twice as many photos, plus a new design for easy use
New charts: Grids with full-color photos of each breed, their traits, and information to help choose a breed that suits your family and home
Over 500 all-new photographs: Step-by-step instructional and inspirational full- color photographs throughout greatly increase the utility and appeal
Clear, concise, and very easy-to-follow advice:Chapters cover everything from discipline, training, socialization, and handling and grooming
At-a-glance sidebars: The most up-to-date handy tips and expert guidance in brief, informative terms
A puppy's eye-view of the world: This guide offers a clear understanding of how a dog's mind works-the root of becoming a knowledgeable, caring owner.

For anyone who has just brought home a cuddly bundle of fun, The PerfectPuppy is the first step in forming a rewarding, pleasurable, and lasting relationship with man's best friend.
  • Readers Digest | 
  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780762107988 | 
  • February 2009

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