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The Place of Truth

The Place of Truth

(Book #4 of Stone of Light)
Christian Jacq, author of the international triumph Ramses, brings the people and the passions of ancient Egypt to life in an enthralling epic novel in four volumes
Volume IV: The Place of Truth
The beloved Master of the Place of Truth has been savagely assassinated, and the artisans of the magnificent, hidden village are deep in mourning. But even in their grief, their devoted work on the tombs of the Pharaoh continues under the leadership of a heroic new Master. Entrusted to protect his family as well as the village's mystical secrets, Paneb the Ardent enters the inner circles of power, in the royal court of a queen. But an unknown traitor undermines the security of the Place of Truth. Will Paneb reveal the culprit in time?
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 384 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743403498 | 
  • September 2001
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Chapter 1

The Place of Truth was in a state of near panic. Since the murder of Nefer the Silent, Master of the craftsmen's Brotherhood, all the inhabitants of the secret village -- men, women, children, even animals -- had come to dread the sunset. As soon as the sun sank behind the mountains to begin its nocturnal voyage to the heart of the underworld, all the villagers went to ground in their little white houses. Soon, a malevolent spirit would leave Nefer's tomb in search of prey.

One young girl had only just managed to escape from it, but no one dared trouble Ubekhet, the Wise Woman, who had withdrawn into mourning and despair... see more

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