Plain Talk and Common Sense From the Black Avenger

Plain Talk and Common Sense From the Black Avenger

A compelling, provocative look at the issues that have Americans talking and debating, from one of America's most controversial and popular talk-radio hosts.
Ken Hamblin is one of the most popular radio talk-show hosts in America, with a daily audience of millions. He is also a prolific writer: His column appears in The Denver Post and is nationally syndicated. In Plain Talk and Common Sense from the Black Avenger, Hamblin has collected his best pieces. From personalities like Bill Clinton, O.J. Simpson and Monica Lewinsky to issues like affirmative action, gun control, crime and capital punishment, Hamblin, author of Pick a Better Country, brings his unique, clear-eyed logic and at times firebrand vision to the problems and situations that arise on our landscape. Whether he is speculating on how feminism might have created a Monica Lewinsky or taking unusual stances against most conservative thinkers' views, what Hamblin brings out most poignantly is a brash belief in America -- a patriot's belief that the dream is alive and well, though at times under assault from both ends of the spectrum.
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  • July 2000
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Chapter 1
The American Dream
Doing the Right Thing Pays Off
First published July 1996
Recently I performed a ritual that parents, who have been blessed with the luxury, the joy and the wonderment of holding their children's children, have enjoyed since the dawn of humankind. I traveled across the fruited plains of Kansas on a pilgrimage to behold my firstborn grandson.
Rayce Ricardo Denton II isn't my first grandbaby. No, sir. That honor belongs to his cousin Olivia Christine Hamblin, who came to us like a gift from heaven five years ago.
To be honest, after sixty months of doting over a little girl -- whom... see more

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