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Plastic Polly

Plastic Polly

For Ages: 9 - 13
Popularity has its pitfalls, and Polly is discovering them firsthand in this middle-grade M!X novel.

Polly Pierce likes being the second-most popular girl at Winston Academy, right after her BFF, Kelsy. Popularity comes with special privileges, like a seat at the best table in the cafeteria and a coveted spot on the planning committee for the school’s big talent show competition, Groove It Up! And since all Polly has to do is agree with whatever Kelsy says, being popular is easy—even if kids do call her “Plastic Polly” behind her back.

But when a freak accident takes Kelsy out of the picture, Polly is suddenly in charge of the Groove It Up! committee. She’s not prepared for her new status—and neither is anyone else. Backstabbing friends, an intimidating crush, and diva demands from an injured Kelsy all threaten to derail Polly’s plans. Can she prove to everyone—and herself—that she has a personality of her own?
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  • Aladdin | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442452480 | 
  • March 2013 | 
  • Grades 4 - 8
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Chapter 1

True Confession: Every time I hear someone call me Plastic Polly, I imagine myself slowly turning into a life-sized Barbie doll, one phony piece at a time.

I’M STANDING IN FRONT OF MY EX–BEST FRIEND, ALYSSA Grace. She’s on the other side of the salad bar, scooping for a cherry tomato that doesn’t want to be caught. Looking at Alyssa, you’d never know how stubborn she is—she’s so tiny and slight, her thin white-blond hair wisping around her face, that it seems like the slightest brush of wind could knock her over. But Alyssa can hold a grudge as deep and thick as the roots... see more

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About the Author

Jenny Lundquist

Jenny Lundquist is the author of Seeing Cinderella and Plastic Polly. She grew up in Huntington Beach, California, and earned a degree in Intercultural Studies at Biola University. Jenny has painted an orphanage in Mexico, taught English at a university in Russia, and hopes one day to write a book at a café in Paris. Jenny and her husband live in northern California with their two sons and Rambo, the world’s whiniest cat.




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