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Portion Savvy

Portion Savvy

The 30-Day Smart Plan for Eating Well

Let the "Queen of Lean" (GQ) inspire you to a healthier, happier body in just thirty days, and help you enjoy the lifelong benefits of looking and feeling sensational. Carrie Latt Wiatt has worked weight-watching wonders for her celebrity clients, including Alfre Woodard, Neve Campbell, Jennifer Aniston, and Dennis Quaid. Now, this gifted motivator lays out a back-to-basics plan for permanent weight control -- without sacrificing the wonderful flavors, textures and variety that every palate craves.
How can you reach your desired weight and stay off the diet roller coaster forever? The key is portion control. Portion-savvy men and women don't diet -- they manage food wisely by knowing their right-sized servings, a skill that "clicks in" every time they make a food choice. Let Carrie Wiatt retrain your eye, your appetite and your attitude -- you'll find yourself not only craving healthier foods, but feeling satisfied by smaller servings. And with the delicious and easy low-fat recipes that set the Portion Savvy plan in motion, you'll be creating healthy habits without even knowing it. You'll wonder why you ever ate any other way!
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671024178 | 
  • January 2000
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CHAPTER ONE: The Portion Problem

Denise came for her first Diet Designs consultation with thirty extra pounds of fat on her body but little extra fat to trim away from her diet. A busy executive in charge of foreign rights for a major movie studio, she made pasta with marinara sauce a mainstay of her business lunches, never touched chocolate, and even tried to work out as much as her schedule permitted. Sure, she had some soft spots and slipups in her eating regime, but in general, Denise was nutritionally aware and proactive in her habits. I could quickly tell that she'd walked into my office wondering what new trick I had to offer in her... see more

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