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A Proper Affair

A Proper Affair

A daring lady turns English propriety on its ear in Victoria Malvey's witty and delightful novel of love's surprising twists.
Once a connoisseur of beautiful debutantes, Lord Bryce Keene now has more practical concerns as guardian to his headstrong niece. The girl needs the influence of a true and gentle lady...and so Bryce selects Cassandra Hampsted, known as an expert on the rules of polite society, to offer his hand in marriage. But Bryce is about to discover that not all is as it appears.
Since penning an etiquette book for young ladies, Cassandra has learned that happy endings are not guaranteed -- even for those who follow society's rules to perfection. Lord Bryce's offer is enticing indeed, but Cassandra will not risk her heart without concocting fifty-six provisions for marital harmony that Bryce will wish he had read in full! As this strong-willed couple barters and negotiates their way to true happiness, they uncover a blissful union that is far too passionate to be called proper.
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  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743421836 | 
  • July 2001
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A true lady never displays her emotions in public.

Quoted from A Lady's Guide to Proper Etiquette,

written by Lady Cassandra Abbott

London, England

May 1836

"That corset needs to be tighter."

Cassandra Abbott felt the muscles between her shoulder blades knot at the sound of her mother's voice.

Lady Darwood swept into the bedchamber, moving to stand in front of her daughter. "If you are going to fit into your gown, Cassandra, you must cooperate, my dear."

"But I am," Cassandra protested lightly, unable to draw a deep breath with the binding garment entrapping... see more

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