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The Psychic in You

The Psychic in You

Understand and Harness Your Natural Psychic Power

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When Jeffrey Wands was six years old, he met his great grandmother Mary. She had been dead for twenty-three years.

Gifted psychic Jeffrey Wands's connection with his great grandmother was the first step in a remarkable journey that has led to his current status as one of the most acclaimed and successful psychics in the country. Now, in The Psychic in You, he traces his development as a psychic and describes what it's like to grow up with such an extraordinary gift. Using a series of compelling and dramatic anecdotes, he illustrates the joys -- and the pain -- that this faculty has brought him.
The Psychic in You is a book of incredible stories told in the most down-to-earth and readable way. And underpinning this exceptional narrative is Jeffrey Wands's belief that all of us have psychic capabilities, and that all of us can -- and should -- try to develop them. A fascinating read full of dramatic accounts of the paranormal, The Psychic in You includes information on:

• Unleashing your own psychic ability
• Contacting loved ones who have crossed over
• Understanding the dead
• Freeing yourself from pain and negativity
• Handling fear of the dead

Captivating, yet practical, this highly readable book dispels the myths and superstitions that surround psychic phenomena and provides a decidedly down-to-earth look at communicating with the other side. Enlightening and absorbing, The Psychic in You is essential reading for anyone seeking a richer, more insightful life.
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  • February 2005
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CHAPTER ONE: We're All Psychic


When I was around seven years old I lived in a garden apartment with my mother in Islip, a town on the south shore of Long Island about fifty miles from New York City. I was a normal kid in every way. I fished for catfish at a local lake. I read comic books. I played baseball every chance I got, just one of many young Mets fans who wished he was Tom Seaver. And I also loved to watch a neighbor who I only knew as "Tony" work on his car, a candy-apple red GTO he kept in showroom condition. Tony used one kind of polish for the bodywork, chrome polish for the chrome sections, a toothbrush and... see more

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